Snow drift

Snow Removal Services

While snow is beautiful when it is in the trees and grass, it is less enjoyable in parking lots and driveways.  When the Winter season arrives that’s when we put on our plows and add snow removal to our list of services.  Let us clear that snow for you and free your mind up to enjoy the snow instead of dreading it.

Featured Services
Concrete Work – which include driveways, patios, sidewalks, steps and almost any other exterior element of your house that may need concrete work.

Retaining Walls – We are very experienced with building retaining walls and make sure the job is done right. Most of the time retaining walls are not only decorative but also critical to the structure of your yard. A poorly constructed retaining wall can cause many headaches and money for years to come. So it is crucial that you entrust this work to an experienced landscaper like JJ’s Landscaping.

New Lawns and Excavation – In many cases in order to have the yard of your dreams it requires a larger job such as excavation. Similar to retaining walls this is not something you want to leave up to the less experienced landscaping companies. JJ’s Landscaping takes great pride in our excavation experience and knowledge to assure you get the job done right.

Additional Services
Tree Removal including stump
Tree Trimming
Landscape Design
French Drains
Irrigation Systems
Snow Removal

If you are considering a project that is not listed above please feel free to contact us to discuss if we may be able to provide that specific service.